The Safe House - Rules and Resources

Hi friends! This is the brand-new rules and resources community for the LT Safe House roleplaying game. Please read!

Do not comment here. If you want to comment something, do so on MP or tell the mods. Thank you.

Kudos to Yubi, for providing our nice new front and finding me the right places to put the code.
Kudos to Sphinx, for checking the rule phrasings for us and pointing our problems.
Kudos to Tao, for doing the same with the changes elsewhere.
Kudos to Silverfox, for making this game possible.

And, of course, to all the players, for playing. Where would the game be without you?

Timeline May & June 2003
May & JuneCollapse )

Timeline March & April 2003
Here's the new and updated timeline. I'll try to keep it nicely up to date.

March & AprilCollapse )

In-Game Resources
List of characters and abilities, Guided tours through heaven and hell, etc.

Application Form
Character Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rules of the Game
Please, folks, read and stick to them! If you feel we need additional ones or there should be changes to any of these, please contact the mods or, preferably, the Host (Silverfox).


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